about company

We love freedom and we want every company to find out what it is like to have a stable system that the whole world takes care of. A system that grows in your hands because programmers from all over the world work on it.

We have 3 brands under which we sell systems:

WPDistro.cz | AutoCRM.cz | Mailuju.cz

about company

Apertia is a modified Latin name for Apert, which means open. Nested I is an implementation tag.

And that is the main mission of our company. Implement open source software for medium and large companies. At the same time guarantee security and develop these systems.

Thousands of programmers work on some Open Source solutions. We select for you those that are proven, stable and the most important in this market.

Freedom means responsibility, and we take that responsibility. Open Source is our passion and so we want to give everyone the comfort of such systems and at the same time ensure security.

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