Who owns your WordPress website

Who owns the website? The owner or company that created the site? When someone works with Open Source, they have to have a bit of legal overlap. More What Does A Copyleft License Mean? That’s how everyone knows copyright. We encounter this in paintings, photographs, texts, etc. Copyleft “When creating a derivative work from a […]

Organic Search and WordPress – 3 examples of e-shop

1. e-shop A two-fold increase in organic matter in 1.5 months since the launch of the new e-shop. 🎢 How is organic search growing on our WordPress e-shops? We looked at the charts. We launched this e-shop sometime at the end of July. Let’s take it apart. The red vertical line shows where the e-shop […]

Do you want a Ferrari? Why is it important what your system is running on?

A beautiful example of an expensive car that one can boast of. It is expensive, there are few of them, it rides great, but probably not every owner takes it to the field to plow potatoes. Or is it the other way around? Unfortunately, in the IT world, on the contrary. You have a “tailor-made” […]

Is open source software green? And economic?

I’ve been poking around since I was a child. Lighters, a few toys, a few motorcycles, a lot of legos went into the plastic sky. And then I liked economic stuff. So when my mom bought a washing machine with a lifetime warranty, it warmed my heart. It must be quality. So trust you. And […]

Child pornography, terrorism, your privacy and oil 21. century?

Have you read that under the classic pretext of “fighting child pornography”, Apple wants to view your photos? If his artificial intelligence is set up in the same way as the AI ​​from the NSA, when you just type “gym” and similar trivial keywords and you have already been evaluated as a potential terrorist, you […]

What percentage of websites make up WordPress in 2021?

This is the story of how one blogging tool became a legend when creating websites. This is the story of WordPress. Blogging has been available since the late 90’s. years, but only at the beginning of the 20th century. the century has really begun. Part of this sudden increase in popularity was a very controversial […]

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