Connecting AutoCRM to Signi electronic signature

We are now working with Signi, which provides an electronic signature on your document in the CRM system.

The fact that you can have all your documents automated, plus an electronic signature, saves you a lot of work.

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How does the electronic signature work in AutoCRM?

  • in AutoCRM you can create a contract e.g. from the offer
  • You then send the contract either automatically or manually to the customer via Signi
  • The customer e.g. will sign the contract via mobile phone
  • You will receive a signed document in AutoCRM, which will be saved to the customer.

What is an electronic signature?

  • A valid, legal electronic signature. The legal weight of such a document is the same as a document that is signed by hand.
  • Security and remote identity verification via BankID and according to AML legislation, elctronic seal and time stamp are guaranteed
  • Signature workflow option that makes work easier
  • Of course, documents are securely archived in one place in Signi, but at the same time for each client in AutoCRM


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