The IT world has been a battleground for more than 40 years

The war on the Internet is today and every day. Antiviruses, firewalls, discussion wars, trolls, hats, viruses, malware. The Internet seems to be a war zone.

Are you a manager? IT director? Technician? Or an ordinary user? Are you thinking about your software castle to defend? If you have ever played a war simulation or strategy, you can simply imagine the following scenario. The drones delivered for defense are constantly connected to the supplier’s command center. And they must report to him. And they send their location, the number of units in your army, names, photos. The supplier is from another country and he is a friend. So far he has been. And it’s not at all.

What the? Did your “drones” suddenly revolt? Instead of defending, are they attacking you and your infrastructure? As? After all, it was so expensive and you have everything insured by contract. Which no longer applies. Like at Sberbank. Or at Kaspersky’s. Or at Jumphost?

And that drones weren’t drones, but software that many people perceive so abstractly that they don’t mind at all or that they have no control over their software, which ultimately controls hardware and human lives, because the latest update from Microsoft, which also in parallel reality until recently was a friend, but no longer, brought them to the infrastructure virus instead of Defender antivirus.

As a general, would you have your tanks controlled by soldiers from a foreign state remotely via a radio signal? Anonymous people sitting behind a keyboard and joystick? Those who are friends today and tomorrow… Who knows. In the world of software, users are held hostage. And they find it normal. They still like to pay for it and they say that everything is fine and calm. And then not anymore.

Then they find out, like many company directors I’ve met in my career, that the divine software, which was only three times more expensive to implement than the contract, takes vendors two weeks to respond to the email, and if they want to finally change this software suffering after several years, they don’t even get to their data, let alone database structures, to make that data transferable, that this divine software is more of a gift from hell. Which was expensive for free.

Why didn’t I just sit down and think for a moment that the thing, even though the virtual one I buy, I should actually own, they ask themselves. Why I wasn’t interested and read the fifth page of the license terms, which says that even my data is not quite mine. And they can be sold and passed on to third parties.

And why did I, as the state’s minister of informatics, send out notices from software companies, and now I’m crying that a state collapsed whose IT was not so entirely controlled by local administrators, but by the real owners and manufacturers of the software we acquired?

Why are people accustomed to the world’s most infernal corporation, Microsoft, that even though I bought it, it doesn’t belong to me at all? That I’m just a hostage in a technological war raging for forty years?



David Strejc is corporate IT since 2004. He was the founder of the successful international company Easy Software s.r.o., he also worked as an architect at O2, a solution designer at T-Mobile.

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