Why put a WordPress site behind Cloudflare?

Yes, we concluded at one of our sites that it was appropriate for Cloudflare to be in front of it. For several reasons.

  1. It’s a more intrusive site. We had a DDoS attack on it, so we recommended that the client take the site to protect the Cloudflare servers and thus protect its site even more. Our websites are safe, but if targeted attacks are made on them from botnets around the world, we will always recommend a larger solution. This was a large client with electronics, which they probably attacked from China, but the attack was, of course, from all over the world.
  2. If you pay the web for such a service, you often have it at high speed from every corner of the world. We would recommend it to clients who sell not only in the Czech Republic and nearby countries, but also on the other side of the world.

The price of the cheapest solution from Cloudflare is around 20 € / month. And the mentioned cheapest solution is enough for a client like ECG, for example.

The server response automatically becomes faster. It can be seen that WordPress is compatible with any service. Because all solutions are always created for the most widespread service in the world. And that’s WordPress.

Here you see a comparison e.g. with the largest Czech store Mall and ECG-Electro, which are behind the protection of Cloudflare.


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